Saturday, March 15, 2014

I have a ghost

art and spirituality, spiritual sayings, best spiritual blogs, spiritual messages, spiritual thought for the day, spiritual poetry, handTruthfully shaking my only lie
Melting within reason of sums and figures
Passing un-noticed, drenched in tears
Screams of a shadow
Caught on a branch
Above the heads of two lovers
I have a ghost
holding my toe

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Twins - Miscarriaged

Poems About Life, Death, Being

art and spirituality, spiritual sayings, best spiritual blogs, spiritual messages, spiritual thought for the day, spiritual poetry, miscarriage
A missed possibility of a birth or
the close reality of the death
deeply moved me
when a dear friend of mine said:

- I had a miscarriage -
twins, they were,
the two gentle souls
have decided to depart before we even met

A tear rolled over my cheek seeking a refuge from light!

Twins - whispered a silent sadness in her voice

Can I help? Can we help? Can anyone help?

From one to two,
from two to four
from four to none

Destined & predestined, written & re-written

\infty within her womb,
\infty within our words
\infty within my thoughts
\infty entangled with Earth's breath

that keeps turning no matter what...

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Warriors of Light

art and spirituality, spiritual sayings, best spiritual blogs, spiritual messages, spiritual thought for the day, spiritual poetry, warriors of light

To all my friends – the Warriors of Light

I can see you walking, I can see you running
And I hear you screaming: Gaia – I am yours!

You are beautiful, you ARE divine!

Listening to the beat of music of your steps, I feel your power

I bow to you – Warriors of Light!

Uniting with you, I work for the better-ment of Self and our Mother Earth…

So swear to me my dear friends:

That you will always believe in the Rain-maker’s ability to create the rain
That you will search for the Nymph’s voice even though you know that the beauty of her sound can freeze you to death
That you will not stop asking and demanding TOO MUCH… …love and light and peace and that you WILL forget the meaning of - enough

And promise me my dear friends:

That you will continue fighting even when the word hope disappears from everybody’s lips &
That you will stay alert when the bells are ringing and all the stomachs are full, searching for deeper, more beautiful, more fulfilled & that you will sing in praise honouring Life, Beauty and Truth &
That you will always notice the colour of the eyes of the person you are talking to, even when s/he is not one of your favourites

& once more promise...

That you will always believe in the Rain-maker’s ability to create the rain!



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Thursday, December 03, 2009

An insight

art and spirituality, spiritual sayings, best spiritual blogs, spiritual messages, spiritual thought for the day, spiritual poetry, an insightI said - '...and do you remember, when you were 3 and living in Ethiopia, how did you bath?

We did not bath, she told me, playing with water, I don't remember ever having a shower - we didn't have one...'

Hearing these words, from the lips of my beautiful little girl, some statistics suddenly hit me:

  • 884 million people do not have an access to safe and clean water
  • 3.6 million people die every year from water-related diseases
  • 84% of deaths are in children
photo: Martin Waugh

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Voodoo of love

art and spirituality, spiritual sayings, best spiritual blogs, spiritual messages, spiritual thought for the day, spiritual poetry, voodoo of loveI know nothing, and yet I know that
You can read my thoughts, and I can read yours

In this world full of unspoken spells

Is a thought real - existing objectively within the matter

Materialised – like a goblin from children’s stories

Inside that brown chocolate cookie, you have with your tea

Voodoo killed a man sitting in a corner coffee shop

A tattoo on his left shoulder

Jesus on the cross - he was once a Christian

He stole her soul and gave it to the dogs

She saw their end within the Tarot,
Long before it happened

It was a heart attack – the doctors confirmed
In a gutter surrounded by rats and worms
Without a real choice – his body buried

Lost within the neighborhood of his still lingering feelings

Two Buddhas, each on one side of the path, meditated

Was it her love that killed him – or his father’s inherited weak heart

Today I had an orgasm just thinking of you…

Do you believe that my thoughts could be real

Creating and unmaking secrets of our unbreakable nets

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Every man and a woman is a star

art and spirituality, spiritual sayings, best spiritual blogs, spiritual messages, spiritual thought for the day, spiritual poetry, starSpat out - like a Bone
Stuck in a throat of Universe
Giving me milk from their bosoms
The stars nursed me back into reality
‘Onto the Earth you little intruder – that’s where you belong!’
They pushed me from the corner of the spiral where I found my alcove
‘Back – down there – what do you think you are doing - Disturbing our galactic order?!?’
And I remembered…
Finding myself in the centre of the stellar disk
In the middle of the Magellanic Cloud
Swallowed by the Heavenly Trans
Vibrating the pulse of the oldest kept secret
That we and the luminous balls of plasma are built
From the exactly the same material…

photo: Bruce Cryer

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Impeccably living Love

art and spirituality, spiritual sayings, best spiritual blogs, spiritual messages, spiritual thought for the day, spiritual poetry, love is divine power
Purified – replacing matter by spirit
Cell by cell…
Nourished by Earth
Veiled by Fire
Carried by Air
Dissolved by Water
Filled with God
Intoxicated with God
Becoming Divine
Metal transformed into Gold
Through the supreme magic of the mastery of
Thoughts and feelings
Evoking the infinite Wisdom buried inside
Impeccably and non-compromising
Living the infinite Love

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


art and spirituality, spiritual sayings, best spiritual blogs, spiritual messages, spiritual thought for the day, spiritual poetry, maya


Fascinated by the frames
Absorbed within the reality of many
Stung by the scorpion sting
Freezing images that are fluid
Arresting the infinite within the finite
Squaring the circle
Attached to the illusion of constant change and

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ecstasy of Union

spiritual living, growing spiritually, art and spirituality, spiritual sayings, spiritual thought for the day, spiritual poetry, spiritual knowledge, spiritual love poems, free spiritual books, spiritual books online, spiritual verses, spiritual writings, metaphysical spirituality, spiritual thoughts, spiritual poems, spiritual wisdom, Union
Spiritual Poetry by Nuit: All is One
When you Live - so you can Love the One
Intensely free from bounds of anything

When your thoughts complete the Zero
That is a concept, but not a form

When your meditation is flowing strong,
disputing even God, if He dares to butt in

When you dissolve every single cell
Piercing the heart, the mind, the soul

You will know that your Being belongs
Only to one – the One

You will know that your existence
Has only one purpose - the Union

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


spiritual living, growing spiritually, art and spirituality, spiritual sayings, spiritual thought for the day, spiritual poetry, spiritual thoughts, spiritual poems, spiritual wisdom, happiness
Spiritual Poetry by Nuit: giggles
Void of sounds
Jumping through the moon’s surface
My hurricane is searching
A new home
I saw Her gliding
Through many butterfly thoughts
Will any-one’s door open
To this bizarre noise
That borders in-between
Screams and giggles?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Alley of Dead Men

Spirit world, Spiritual Awakening, Poetry dead men, freedom
Spiritual Poetry by Nuit: Freedom
Hitting the space in between us
Covering the path with the snow-flakes
I mis-judged the star in between your eyes
It took me a moment to re-collect
I came to the alley of your thoughts
Couldn't jump over the wall
Didn't practice for a long time
Would have left you floating in my cellar
But was afraid you would drawn within my well
That was the last thing I needed
the dead-man body attached to my-self

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Debri univerzuma

Spiritual Poetry Nuit Debra Universe
Today, shed a tear for all is fulfilled and completed charity
What is hanging like Debra in the vacuum of the universe

For those who do not have the courage to love
And for the love it takes so much courage uncompromising

For those who do everything and a bit trying, but they are not to
Just as Ned country come off from the sun and the moon from earth

Today, shed a tear - for all of us mortals ...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Equinox

It is today on the 20th March that the change of seasons happen
It is today that enters the spring and autumn journeys north to the south
of our Mother Gaia

It is today when Sun enters Aries, that the day and night are of equal length
It is today that Sun's light is evenly shared
Between the two sisters of Earth - its two hemispheres

It is today that Yin and Yang of our little blue planet
enter into an equilibrium, creating a perfect balance,
and respect for feminine and masculine forces on Earth

About Autumn Equinox

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create. Albert Einstein

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

1 cat, 1 rabbit & 1 duck in perfect harmony

a kitten that is in love with a rabbit and a duck that loves them both. I recorded this in Malta today :)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Brain Erection

Spiritual world, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Poetry, Tantra Poem, Brain Erection
Spiritual Poetry by Nuit, brain erection, image source unknown

Tantra Poems

I woke up this morning
with the stars
in my eyes
The hum in my ears

It was a huge brain erection

Pulsing through me
Boxed in
From Swadhisthana
It Sahasrara
Through Sushumna

Her Majesty Kundalini
was biting her tail

Schumann Resonance and Meditation

Saturday, March 07, 2009


Spiritual life, A spiritual life, Spiritual words, Spiritual world, Spiritual Awakening, spiritual poetry, alchemy of soul
Spiritual Poetry by Nuit, Alchemy, Phoenix, image source unknown
From Black Crow to White Swan
From Black Swan to Peacock
From Peacock to Pelican
That stabs her breast with her ​​beak
To feed her young with her own blood-
From Pelican to Phoenix that builds its nest
On the top of the funeral pyre, and then sets it into a fire
To arise and new from the asher
Awakened - Love awaits its turn
Entering your dreams
Stepping firmly onto your path
- Give me your thoughts
I will open the door of my consciousness and
We will mix the two together
Into an alchemical pot cast of our souls' aching
For-Love it-love, in-love
So our worlds will become: So-Ham

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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Divine Love

spiritual love, spiritual consciousness, spiritual living, growing spiritually, art and spirituality, poem

Divine Love Poem by Nuit

Every single inch of my body is covered with your wisdom
my dear invisible sage
you offer Peace that is passionate and crazy
and Love that is carefully guarded by the angels
not to be known or seen by All

You master my Being furiously
never giving me a choice to rest or surrender
leading me through the tunnels to the very centre of the Earth
swinging with me on the swing of time,
shining through me, shaking me, exploding within me

Whether alone or with someone, you take the lead
you cradle my heart and nest within my soul
because you know that I live, dream, burn for you
and even when I AM NOT, I still AM because of you
taking the dust of the world from your shoes - I bow to you

Photo uploaded by crystalchroma

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Saltwater by Julian Lennon Visual Interpretation

Ashes and Snow

like the sea before a storm

life poems, about life poems, my baby boy, sick

Like the sea before the storm

with his head against my chest
fragile and beautiful
my baby-boy was sick

his solemn, tranquil eyes reminded me of

a poppy’s red delicate petals
in the middle of the Maltese gorge

of butterfly’s wings
against the thousand year old stone fortress

of albatrosses' feathers
in the middle of the rough sea

of the texture of the spider's web
in a deserted house, not open for ages

of the breath of the sea-horse
moaning for his loved one who was killed last night

of a cat just giving birth
to her first ever kitten

of Buddha's 101st hour
under the tree of enlightenment

yesterday, my baby-boy was sick
gentle, sensitive, weak
he reminded me of

the energy of the sea - just before the storm

so quite, so serene, and so somberrn
were his eyes...

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Love's claws and sperm whale vomit

love poem, what is true love
Love poetry by Nuit, Love claws

Love Poetry

You know you have been caught by the love’s claws when:

You are a black widow spider’s mate
And you enter her net willingly even though
Your mum, TV, and neighbors, have warned you not to

You are a fish that follows the loved one into the fisherman net
Praying your head hits the hull next to her's
So you can gasp your last breath together

You search the world for the sperm whale vomit
So that you can put it into the essential oils
He could smell - within the scents of your skin

You listen to the radio as though it is for the first time
and hear your story in every single song
That sings of love or pain or longing

You clearly feel the wound bleeding
But testosterone and oxytocin in the blood are raising
And your heart's beat hits the record when he stands next to you

When God, chance, Faith, circumstances, Universe, all say ‘no’
And you ignore it, listening to his voice on the other end

With a shiver that causes a storm on the other side of Atlantis

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Music of disappearance

lost love poem, sadness
Love Poems by Nuit, Music of Disappearance

Love Poetry, The Voice of Disappearance

I hear the voice from the centre of the earth
your image hallucination takes over me
organic, orgasmic, organoid

who are you Mr. Sadness - do I know you, have we met before?

I look at my fingers, my keyboard, the vase on my desk, trying not to cry
but it is all in vain - the night is taking over
the music of dis-appearance

You have dis-appeared before we have truly met
gone under the cover - hidden within the nothingness
leaving with me images of love and trust and peace

odd, wonderful, beautiful but hidden was your touch
chirping outside our window was a parrot, or was it the heater that
cheated the noise
unearthly, profound, mystical, real was your smell

I found you and lost you within the same thought

Did you know - Love comes with the surrender that is greater than your-Self

And I see us holding each other's hands and chatting aimlessly
And I see us lying on the sofa - covered with moments of nakedness
with no fear, and no answers, just simply surrendering

I will have my coffee tomorrow morning in Ole as usual
and you will have yours in Rome

I have met you, my love
against all odds of the Universe that likes playing jokes on us mortals
and lost you before we have truly met...


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Monday, February 16, 2009

Red Sea

love poem, cave of no return, red sea
Love Poetry by Nuit, Red Sea

Love Poem, Cave of no Return

Will you ever take me to the Red Sea, my love 
Deep into the depths of caves of no-return 

Will you ever dive with me down-under without fears Exploring the truths of my and your soul 

Will I, will you, manage to shatter the barriers of time and space and Thoughts 
And connect the Golden Threats 

You touched my heart, my love, and I feel exposed but expanding
Merging with the Universe and the Night hoax created by fairies, butterflies, goblins 
Will you ever take me to the red sea, my love, and the caves 
That are within your head - for no-one to see, and no-one to feel ...

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Albert Einstein Quote About Consciousness

"No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it " - Albert Einstein

Pythagoras Quotes

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Exciting but Scary, Spiritual Journey

poem about divine potential, spiritual journey, water
Spiritual Poetry by Nuit, Spiritual Journey, Exciting but Scary

Poem About Our Divine Potential 

Many are called but few chose to follow
The sign on your forehead says 'fragile - do not touch'

exciting but scary ...

The daylight covered in the full-moon shadow
mermaid's song Across the seas calling
explorers to dare to descend into the heart of their-very-selves

The sacred secret hidden amongst ornaments, symbols, caves,
under-water corals, silence, and deep within your head

exciting but scary ...

discovering the limits of the Self
Facing the Pure - within 'I', within Acts of Nature, Acts of God

demolishing, dismantling, refusing all-that-is-not-real
and what is - in this shady world?

exciting but scary ...

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Trust or Pixie Dust

love poetry, tantra poems
Love Poetry by Nuit

Love Tantra Poems

Woven in silence
your refusal to let me in

Golden leaves cover the surface of your body
inch by inch
I re-discover it within mine

Re-incarnated through our troubles
your thoughts scatered on the floor
covered in the full moon shadow

Is Sorrow your name
or Joy or Trust or
Pixie Dust
Like rice paper or poppy's petals
fragile and soft
your tears mix with mine

Come closer, my love, close enough so I'll feel your breath
That is where the key-hole hides
in your breath and in the center of your palm

Come closer, my love, together we could hope to find
The code
That breaks the lock that separates your soul from mine

Thursday, January 15, 2009


falling in love poems, tantra poetry
Love Poems Nuit, Tantra, Falling in Love

Love Tantra Poems

Sharp and vibrant
your eyes
move me into this familiar feeling
of being connected

Starkly and volatile
swirling through my heart
is the virus that merges
your aura with mine

I cling to your promises
of softness and peace
and take a chance in a million
to let you in
Trusting and trussing
the images on the mirror of our souls
manifesting us
in the future of our thoughts

I believe in you within me
Can you believe in me within you?

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Love Mirage

Love Poetry by Nuit, Love Mirage, dessert

Love Tantra Poems

A hurricane on the horizon...
Do you understand the difference?
Destroying the other – acting merciless, human-less, life-less
Little droplets became an ice-storm
To get me established onto the path of the Fool
Unmoved, untouched, inspired
No frost-bites can tease me out of this peace
The winds chase the ghosts
Into my mind, into my life, into my heart
And yet I still believe in Love
In this oasis within the desert depths
Sure - it is a mirage

And sure - it is the one I want to believe in....

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Thursday, December 25, 2008


love poems, tantra poetry, by Nuit, shine love
Love Poetry Nuit, Tantra Poems

Love Tantra Poems

You have fallen asleep
Carrying with you a key to eternity
Please take me - into your dreams
I hate being without you 

Under the cover I see your nakedness clothed 
And I know how it feels 
Not to touch your velvet skin 
The Moonlight strokes your face 
Revealing the bliss you carry within 
Please take me - into your dreams 
I hate being without you


Monday, December 01, 2008

to Gandhi, About Non Violence

spiritual poems, about non violence
Poem about non violence

Spiritual Poems

I hear the calling
- to become schism, to rebel, contract
to all that is not real
and give a chance to
mermaids, fairies, goblins
of our past lives and the in-born rights
- to hummer
into our brain waves
a golden thread
of non-violence
that is so hard to comprehend

What is Creativity?

Sunday, November 09, 2008


alchemy poem Orobouros
Alchemy poems by Nuit, The Fool

Alchemy Poems

When I heard their message for the third time
I knew that my moment has come - for an initiation

I saw him and felt - grateful
That he will be the one to channel IT through

I lied on a bed of flowers, surrounded by the sound of chimes
And I gave him the key to the temple of Truth

In the centre of the belly I met Her - Amaru
The Serpent Path of the South

I dived into her waters and watch her shed her skin
Transforming wounds into sources of power
Giving Earth - Life, and me - Fluidity

I met Otorongo within my heart
Stepping into the Jaguar Path of the West

Following her effortless run
Through the woods, air, and waters
I cuddled the fearless cat to learn Courage and Strength and Love

I climbed the mountain within my head
To become One with Apuchin - the Eagle Path of the East

I flew dissolved within the light
Knowing that there is no-more
Needing to do no-thing
And be no-where

Dreaming the world into being and visions into realities

Exiting the flight, coming back to Earth, I noticed
My skin was gold, transcendent
My mind was luminous, emotions gentle

Prepared to start the path of The Fool

Ready to experience the Serpent swallow its tail

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Alchemy Journey Poem

Alchemy Journey, Nuit Poetry
Once upon a time there was a forest spirit
That descended onto the Earth
She needed to learn the ways of Life

The guides gave her challenges
So she grows strong and connected
To her heart and the people around her

With the love for the challenges
She was given a chance to become a Lioness

Alchemy Poems, Alchemy Journey
And the training begun
The new worlds opened

The King sat onto his throne
The Strength gain was

The King learned to rule his emotions, his body and
His mind - for the benefit of all

Alchemy Journey, Nuit Poetry
And now - there is no more
The enlightenment is not a goal but a journey
The Kingdom is in the Heart
Of One and All and
One is All and All is One

The One can rest


Love Poetry Nuit, Vulnerability
It's place is not at the beginning
but at the very end of the journey of love

If we feel it at the very beginning of the relationship
We have mistaken it for fear ..

Divergent Thinking.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Who is the One?

Artof4elements Poems, Who is the One, photo Kri Cutajar
Who is the one you ask for forgiveness
When Life knocks at your door
and you pretend that you are not at home?

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Sat-chit-ananda Meditation Benefits Poem

Spiritual poetry, meditation benefits
A kiss of primordial Self

within the sat-chit-Ananada

in the center of a thusand petalled lotus


giving & receiving


Breathing the nature of Para Brahman



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Thursday, October 09, 2008


spiritual poems, advaita
Spiritual Poetry, Nuitm Advaita

Spiritual Poems

A baby-boy looked at me
- straight in the eye -
he would not blink
for a while
spreading the sense of

A-wake not A-sleep

Without seeking
Crystal clear

With great Lightness
I accepted his gift
of Oneness
realising Life
through the Stillness

of the Self

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Awake and aware

spiritual poetry, Spiritual life, A spiritual life, Spiritual words, Spiritual world, Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Poetry


Breaks into our code
Per-mutating atoms

Of our evolutionary Self-s
Our sensory navigating device
Accepts or rejects the impulse
Creating realities of our choice
A natural drift takes us from an amoeba to a human
A very determined choice takes us further
Allowing us
To squeeze our way through
To awake
To God and his gift of

image taken from:

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